AMAT allows the user to perform low-fidelity broad sweep parametric studies; as well as high fidelity Monte Carlo simulations to quantify aerocapture performance. AMAT supports analysis for all atmosphere-bearing destinations in the Solar System: Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Titan, Uranus, and Neptune.

Sample results

Venus Aerocapture Trajectory

Alitude vs time for an aerocapture trajectory at Venus

Neptune Aerocapture Feasibility Chart

Neptune aerocapture feasibility chart

Monte Carlo simulations - Neptune aerocapture

Neptune aerocapture Monte Carlo simulation results

Monte Carlo simulations - SmallSat aerocapture at Venus

Venus SmallSat aerocapture Monte Carlo simulation results

What kind of problems can AMAT solve?

AMAT can be used to quickly assess the feasibility of an aerocapture mission concept using aerocapture feasibiility charts, and perform trade studies involving vehicle type, control authority, thermal protection system materials, and useful delivered mass to orbit. AMAT can also be used to set up and run high-fidelity Monte Carlo simulations of aerocapture trajectories considering delivery errors, atmospheric uncertainties, and aerodynamic uncertainties to evaluate system performance under uncertainty.