Example - 66 - Multi-probe Deflection Maneuver

In this example, we illustrate the calculation of the divert manuever to deliver two probes: one equatorial and one polar.

import numpy as np
from AMAT.maneuver import ProbeProbeDeflection

The first probe will enter near equator, prograde. The second probe will enter near the north pole. The deflection manuever is performed 60 days before probe entry, at a distance of 4225 times the radius of Neptune.

deflection = ProbeProbeDeflection( arrivalPlanet="NEPTUNE",
                                   v_inf_vec_icrf_kms=np.array([17.78952518,  8.62038536,  3.15801163]),
                                   rp_probe1=(24622+400)*1e3,  psi_probe1=3*np.pi/2, h_EI_probe1=1000e3,
                                   rp_probe2=(24622+400)*1e3,  psi_probe2=np.pi,  h_EI_probe2=1000e3,

Compute the probe divert maneuver delta-V

print("Divert manuever DV: "+str(deflection.dv_maneuver_vec)+ " m/s")
Divert manuever DV: [-1.67195294  7.29768188  7.31525432] m/s
print("Divert manuever DV magnitude: "+str(round(deflection.dv_maneuver_mag,3))+ " m/s")
Divert manuever DV magnitude: 10.467 m/s
print("TOF from probe release to atm. entry interface: "+str(round(deflection.TOF_probe1,6))+ " days")
print("TOF from probe release to orbiter periapsis   : "+str(round(deflection.TOF_probe2,6))+ " days")
TOF from probe release to atm. entry interface: 60.070866 days
TOF from probe release to orbiter periapsis   : 60.070866 days

Run python example-66-multiple-probe-deflection.py from your virtual env terminal to generate the figure below showing the geometry of the two approach trajectories.

from IPython.display import Image
Image(filename="../plots/example-66-multiple-probe-deflection.png", width=800)